Welllllllllllcome To My Kiiiiiiitchennnnnn

Hi :) I'm hh and this is my greggcult.

I'm 24 and gaytrans. The HH in hhgreggcult stand for he/him :)

This site is just for fun! Do I LOOK like I know what a html is?

The lovely gentleman on the side of your screen is hh.

The blinkies and stamps page have blinkies and stamps I've found and think are cool and/or funny.

The movie corner is where I talk about... films. (sorry)

Government assigned kinnies are characters my friends think are very me, and core are characters my friends think are very my aesthetic. (its jokes we do this because it's fun)

Maybe more in the future, I run this page for fun :)

See video above to know more about this webpage's name, and click the rainbow text to go back to the links page.

Happy Christmas in July!

hhgreggcult button by me :)

(please don't tell hhgregg about this)